Why have the legs on my crab melted

This is something that we get asked from time to time and this is usually due to 1 of 2 determining factors.

1. Your crab’s legs have come into prolonged contact with another soft plastic product and a chemical reaction has occurred. Prolonged exposure to another incompatible soft plastic material will always cause your crabs legs to melt/dissolve. The legs of our crabs are made from an advanced tough and resilient soft plastic material which should always be stored separately from other soft plastic products. Cross contaminating our crab’s legs with any other incompatible soft plastic materials will generally always result in your crab's legs melting/dissolving. Even storing your crab’s legs in a tackle tray that has had other soft plastics stored in it previously can also cause a melting/dissolving issue. We recommend that you read the 'Best Recommended Storage Instructions' in the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information as to how best store your crabs.

2. They have overheated and melted due to being exposed to excessive heat such as leaving your crabs lying in the sun for extended periods of time. This can happen in a relativley short period of time (less than 10 minutes in some circumstances depending on the temperature!), and can heppen all too often when an angler leaves their crab/crabs lying on the dec of thier boat in direct sunlight whilst fishing! Cranka recommends always storing your crabs out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location in an attempt to avoid any chance of this this occurring.