The Base Plate On My Crab Broke Off

A question that we get asked from time to time is "why did the base plate fall off my crab?" In 99.9% of cases that we have physically inspected of this happening, we find that the base plate has not fallen out it has actually broken out. This is usually a direct result of the lure having struck a hard surface with quite some force. This usually happens when the lure is thrown into structure like concrete bridge pylons, boat hulls, pontoons, rocks and jetties just to name a few. You must understand that our crabs are a hard body lure that is made from ABS plastic... ABS plastic will break when hit with enough force just as any other hard body lure will when treated in the same manner. If you take one of our crankbaits or minnows and cast them into bridge pylons, boats and pontoons etc, they will also break. The bibs will break off, the bodies will fracture and our crabs are no different in this manner. We understand that a lot of people like to throw our crabs into the deepest darkest corners of the river, and will try to skip them under pontoons and jetties, smack them into bridge pylons and boat hulls etc... but please understand that being a hard body lure these are not designed to withstand these types of force! Any breakages resulting from casting into any hard surfaces will be worn by the customer and not by Cranka.

Cranka will however happily replace any legitimate manufacturing faults free of charge. If you do happen to have a base plate fall off that you know has not been subjected to any excessive force and you feel it has fallen out and not broken out, then we are happy for you to contact us via the 'Contact Us' section on this website and we will organize for you to return the crab back to Cranka for our inspection. Cranka can determine very quickly if a lost base plate is due to excessive force or not and any legitimate issues will be replaced by Cranka free of charge.