How To Change The Claws On A Treble Hook Model Crab

Please follow these simple instructions below to learn how to correctly change the claws on your Treble Hook Model Crab.

The first step is to purchase a pair of replacement claws from the 'Replacement Parts' section under the 'Products' tab on this website. Be sure to purchase the correct size and colour claw for your crab. BUY REPLACEMENT CLAWS HERE

Once you have your replacement claws begin by removing the old claws from your crab by simply using a pair of split ring pliers to open the split ring up... this allows you to wind the old claw/treble hook off the split ring.

Once you have the old claws off you now need to determine the left claw from the right claw on the new replacement claws. If you look closely at the tips of the claws you will notice that each claw has one larger/thicker claw tip and one smaller/thinner claw tip. The larger/thicker claw tip is the bottom of the claw and the smaller/thinner claw tip is the top of the claw just as the below picture demonstrates.

Now that you have the claws the correct way up the easiest way to determine the left side claw from the right side claw is to arrange them so that the claw tips are pointing away from you and so that they both curve inwards towards each other as the below picture demonstrates, ensuring that the smaller/thinner claw tip is at the top.

Now using a pair of split ring pliers begin by opening up the split ring on whichever side you decide to do first and grab the corresponding claw. Make sure that you get the hook eye in the correct orientation prior to winding it on as the image below clearly demonstrates.

Wind the claw all the way onto the spilt ring and once it is on it should curve inwards with the smaller/thinner claw tip on the top the same as the image below.

Now repeat the previous steps on the opposite side claw and when finished your crab should look like the image below.

If after winding your claws onto your crab it looks like the above image then you have successfully changed the claws on your crab! However if it looks like this image below then you should read on.

If your crab's claws look like the above image after completing a claw change then you have done either 1 of 2 things wrong! Either your claws are on the wrong side or they have been wound on upside down. You can determine the problem by looking closely at the claw tips. If the smaller/thinner claw is at the top but they are both curving outwards then they are the right way up but on the incorrect side of the lure. Simply wind them off and swap them over to the opposite side. If the larger/thicker claw tips are at the top then the claws are on the correct side of the lure but they have been put on upside down. Simply wind them off one at a time and then wind them back onto the same side that they came off but flip the claw 90 degrees before winding it back on. Once finished both claws should curve inwards towards each other just like the 2nd last image above!