How Do I Tell The Difference Between A Light And A Heavy Model Cranka Crab?

This is a question that we get asked from time to time, and usually after people have removed their crabs from there packets and mixed them up. At this point in time we only have 2 different weights in our original 50mm Treble Hook Model... both the 65mm Treble Hook Model and the Single Hook Model crabs at this stage are only available in 1 standard weight. Because the base plate of our 50mm Treble Hook Model Crab is not stamped or printed with the weight on them, the only way to tell whether or not your crab is in fact a Light or a Heavy model is by looking closely at the baseplate itself. Basically the Light baseplate is quite flat in shape compared to the Heavy baseplate. The Heavy baseplate is thicker and much rounder than the Light model, but also the Heavy baseplate has a small lip at the very front edge of the baseplate, compared to the Light baseplate which is pretty much flat and flush with the body at the front of the lure. These differences are clearly demonstrated in the below images.