Best Recommended Storage Instructions for CRANKA Crabs

Cranka always recommends wherever possible storing our crabs in the packets that they are provided in. However we understand that most anglers like to take their lures out of their packets and organise them into tackle trays. Please be aware that poor storage of our crabs will result in bent legs... so following this we have provided some simple storage recommendations for our crabs to ensure that your crab's legs do not end up out of shape.

CR-50-THM - Crab 50mm Treble Hook Model

We have tried many different methods of storing our 50mm Treble Hook Model Crabs, but this is by far the best way that we have found to store them. It keeps them in a neat and organized manner and makes it virtually impossible to damage the legs. The box that we have found to suit the best is a Plano 3700 series tray. This method not only keeps your crabs stored in a neat, tidy and organised way but it also leaves spaces to store spare claws and legs also. We understand that there are no doubt other boxes out there with the right compartment sizes that would likely be perfect. If you do happen find another box that works for you then by all means use that box instead.

Please note that you should never store our crabs with any other soft plastic material… Doing so will result in the soft plastic components of our crabs and the other soft plastic products melting due to a chemical reaction. Try to avoid using any pre-used tackle trays that may have had soft plastics stored in them previously as this can sometimes also cause similar melting issues due to residue remaining in the box from previously stored items. Also always store your crabs out of direct sunlight to reduce the risk of the soft plastic legs melting from excessive heat.

Please find a set of illustrated instructions below that clearly explains how to create the perfect storage box for your 50mm Treble Hook Model Crabs.

In the example below we are using a Bass Pro Shops storage box. This is actually a Plano 3700 which has been manufactured by Plano for Bass Pro Shops. As mentioned above a Plano 3700 series tray is ideal for this storage box set up.

Start by gathering up all of the spare divider inserts that come in the boxes, and using a pair of sharp kitchen scissors cut them right across just as we have shown in the below illustration.

Now that you have cut all of the divider inserts, simply slide all of the bottom sections into your box in whichever locations you choose and mount your crab on it by simply hooking the treble hooks onto the bottom of the divider as demonstrated in the below image.

then to ensure that it cannot bounce off the divider simply take one of the smaller top sections that you have already cut off and slide that on top of the treble hooks. This will lock the crab into position and once the lid is closed on the box it will ensure that your lure can not move around. See image below.

This storage method will ensure that your crabs are always stored in a neat, tidy and easily accessible manner, with literally no risk of bending the legs from poor storage.

Please note: If you wish to fill all of the divider slots in your box you will actually require 2 boxes in order to do this, as you will require extra dividers. Please see image below which shows the layout for 1 box that you can create by using the extra dividers from another box.

Some other suitable storage options include slit foam fly boxes and lure wallets. This is a great option for people who only have a handful of crabs that they wish to store, as these boxes are usually limited to less than 10 crabs. However there are some larger slit foam fly boxes on the market that will certainly carry more than 10 crabs and if you can find some of these they will be perfect also!

Please see below for a quick video demonstrating how to quickly and simply create one of these storage boxes.

CR-65-THM - Crab 65mm Treble Hook Model

We are still in the process of finding the right tackle tray for this lure. Having a larger footprint then its smaller sibling the CR-50 it hence requires larger compartment sizes to avoid the legs becoming bent. As soon as we find a suitable solution we will be sure to post all details on here. However in the mean time we highly recommend keeping the CR-65-THM in the package that it comes standard in. Another option is a slit foam fly box or foam padded lure wallet that allows the crab to lay flat during storage. These generally will not hold more than 6-10 lures, so if you happen to have more than this again we recommend storing them in their packets. Always store your crabs out of direct sunlight to reduce the risk of the soft plastic legs melting from excessive heat.

CRS-85 - Crab 85mm Single Hook Model

Once again we highly recommend storing these lures in the packets that they are provided in. We are still working on a storage solution for these crabs that keeps them flat and protected during storage. Always store your crabs out of direct sunlight to reduce the risk of the soft plastic legs and claws melting from excessive heat.