Richard Somerton

My mum introduced me to fishing when I was only 3 years old, she would take me out fishing and yabbying as often as she could. There is still an old photo lying around of me at that age holding up a large rainbow trout which I caught from a farm dam… Mum said that I didn't want to go home that day until I had caught a fish... luckily I did manage that one! These days we still go out for a fish every now and then, usually on the Murray River whenever I go up to visit her.

I am into my 40’s now and I have fished my whole life chasing any species that was available to catch, but my favourite species are trout and salmon using fly fishing techniques. I have fished in many parts of Australia catching barramundi in the north to sea run trout in the south and have fished overseas as far as Alaska chasing silver salmon and Papua New Guinea for black bass.

I started Kayak competition fishing quite a few years ago now out of a Hobie Outback and I now own 2 Pro Anglers which I also social fish out of as much as possible. I compete in both our Bream Series and Australian Bass Tournament Series and have made some great friends and learnt so much… I just enjoy the fun of competing.

 I think the continual learning and challenges of trying to catch fish especially those ones that just don't want to be caught is what continues to drive my obsession and passion for tournament fishing.  Often when you think that you might have cracked a sure thing pattern you quickly realize that somebody has forgotten to tell this to the fish! This goes to a whole new level when tournament fishing as you are then also testing yourself against other anglers, which I find fun! And of course the fishing is a sweet bonus.

I have quite a few great fishing achievements that spring to mind…. the 2013 Hobie Fishing Worlds would rate as my greatest! It was a tough event with some great competitors and some very challenging conditions… it came right down to the wire. Other achievements that I am particularly proud of include representing Australia in the 2013 Shengzhong Lake Invitational in China and walking away with the win and USD $20,000 cheque, winning the Hobie Bass Grand Final in 2014, being invited to fish for team ‘Hobie’ in the Australian Fishing Championships Series 11 in 2014 and again for Series 12 in 2015, and last but not least winning the Hobie Bream Australian Championship in 2016.

Best Tournament Results

  • Hobie Australia Bream Series 2017 - Angler Of The Year - 1st place.
  • Hobie Bream Series, Round 1 Marlo 2017 - 1st place.
  • Hobie Bream Series, Round 3 Mallacoota 2017 - 1st place
  • Hobie Bream Series, Round 7 St Georges Basin 2017 - 1st place.
  • Hobie Worls 6, Lousianna 2016 - 2nd place.
  • 5 Time Hobie Fishing Worlds Team Member.
  • Hobie Australian Bream Championship – 2016 – 1st place.
  • Australian Hobie Bream Championship – 2015 – 3rd place.
  • Shengzhong Invitational, China – 2015 – 2nd place.
  • Australian Hobie Bass Grand Final, Lake Mcdonald - 2014 – 1st place.
  • Shengzhong Invitational, China – 2014 – 4th place.
  • Shengzhong Lake Invitational, China – 1st place.
  • Hobie fishing World Championship, 2013 – 1st place.
  • Australian Hobie Bream Championship - 2012 – 2nd place.
  • Bream Kayak ‘Angler Of The Year” - 2012.