Mark Crompton

My Mum and Dad introduced me to fishing basically as soon as I was born.... They would nurse me in a bassinet in the front of the family fishing boat whilst either  fishing by day or prawning by night. They had me catching fish by myself literally as soon as I was able.  Our family had an onsite caravan at Sussex Inlet and every penny that I ever saved from pocket money went towards the purchase of my first tinny at the age of 7.

Nowdays the major factors that fuel my fishing passion include an insatiable thirst for being on the water coupled with childhood memories of absolute bliss whilst fishing! Optimism is the key to unlocking any diehard fisherman’s drive, so I guess that my optimistic nature also fuels my fire!!

The greatest achievement in my life so far has been marrying my best friend who also happened to be the hottest girl at school... She was way above my pay grade! Love ya Dani! 2nd to this was achieving the no:1 ABT Bream ranking in 2016 after consecutive 3rd AOY rankings in 2015 and 2016.

Winning back to back ABT’s in 2015 using Cranka crabs was a sweet ride also.

Best Tournament Results

  • Australian Fishing Championships 13, fished as ‘Team Hobie’ with Stephen Maas and Stewart Dunn 1st place.
  • Southern Bream Series Grand Final 2016 - 1st place.
  • Forster ABT Qualifier 2016  -1st place.
  • Derwent River ABT Qualifier 2016  -3rd place.
  • Clarence River ABT Qualifier 2015  -1st place.
  • Tweed River ABT Qualifier 2015  -1st place.
  • 2015 Hobie Australian Championships at Lake Macquarie  -2nd place.
  • Georges River Hobie Qualifier 2015 -1st place.
  • Runner up in the 2009 Southern Bream Series Grand Final.
  • Back to back wins in the Southern Bream series in 2009.