Jason Hextell

It was my grandfather who first introduced me to fishing. My grandparents had a house at South West Rocks which was only a few hours north of where I grew up on the Mid North Coast of NSW. As such we spent quite a lot of time with them throughout my early childhood years. I remember going to Back Creek from around 3-4 years of age with a packet of servo prawns and an old kid’s combo. As I grew older and my passion swelled I used to wake up early and run down to the creek before breakfast. I would often have the family searching for me as I very rarely came home for lunch… But ultimately I was out doing what I loved!

At 7 years of age my dad bought me an ‘Attack Minnow’ after reading ‘How to catch bream on lures and flies’ by Steve Starling and Kaj Busch. This was my first ever bream lure, and the first lure that I ever had success with. Since that moment bream and bass lure fishing has dominated my life and has become somewhat of an obsession.

My passion for fishing is fuelled by my obsessive nature to pattern things and constantly prove or disprove a theory. My wife often calls me obsessive compulsive but I push myself to keep learning about fish migration, schooling, feeding and breeding habits. I believe to truly be able to catch fish under all conditions and in all circumstances that you need to have a firm grasp on these concepts and be able to pattern the fish’s movements and feeding habits to take advantage of prime bite periods. I also believe that the only way to improve or consolidate these theories is with time on the water under a broad range of conditions and during differing periods of the year.

Marrying my wife is what I would consider to be my greatest achievement. Together we have built a strong family which provides me with happiness and constant support. The support of my family has helped me to grow and chase goals and dreams in both a personal and professional sense.

For me fishing achievements have come in the way of personal fish catches and memorable moments shared with friends and family whilst fishing… From saratoga fishing throughout the impoundments of South East Queensland, to catching 50cm bass at Borumba Dam in amongst sunken timber and thick weed lines, walking the banks of the Murrumbidgee River chasing cod, trout cod and golden perch, hunting meter plus flathead in St Georges Basin on the NSW South Coast, sight casting to trout in the crystal clear streams of the NSW high country, chasing golden perch in post spawn condition inland of Toowoomba, as well as watching my daughters love of fishing grow!

My fishing goals for the future all revolve around new species and also one day reintroducing myself into the tournament fishing circuits. But ultimately for me it is all about watching my family grow and share my passion and love for fishing!